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Hello Moon Meditation Tribe!

Please read this email if you wish to continue receiving my moon meditations.

Well the results from my recent survey were insightful. I received about a 20% response rate which is a bit inconclusive but enough to move forward in a somewhat informed way. A big thank you for all your good wishes. They are received with deep gratitude.

Last week I sent out an initial email with the survey and then a reminder upon which I received 2 unsubscribers.
I do not intend to inundate people with emails and resigned myself to the 2 with this survey. Maybe that is not great marketing but I like to go where the creative heart flows.

It was clear that people are receiving good to excellent feelings from my moon meditations which is really heart warming. The importance of the insights rated high as well. The majority choice was to continue to receive New Moon Meditations with the insights.

So I have decided to offer a trial 6 month by donation subscription of moon meditations for a contribution of your choice. I will re-evaluate after June's New Moon. There will also be a special closed facebook community to join if you wish. I will add a link to join in the Moon Meditation send out.

Please sign up below to continue receiving the Moon Meditations including this Jan16/17. This will be a 6 month subscription for each New Moon –until June 2018 including my insights for a donation of your choosing...yet I am kindly suggesting a minimum donation of $29 CAD. 


If you choose to not continue with the moon meditations I sincerely thank you for receiving my creative explorations into your inbox until now. I will be sending out other offerings and specials from time to time, so watch for those.

Some things I am going to be focused on in 2018 will be...retreats & creative playshops,  an oracle deck, a colouring book inspired by my moon meditations... and painting! Commissions are always welcome! 

Many Joyfilled Blessings to you all,

(posted on 11 Jan 2018)


Maybe you missed the last email I sent out asking for your help.

I want to sincerely thank those of you who did the short survey I sent out on Monday.

Currently I am reflecting on the best way to utilize my creative energies in 2018 and

this affects the future of my moon meditation offerings. 

If you could do me a favour by taking a moment of your time to answer this small survey.


Thank you! Your input is important and very appreciated.



Greetings All,

This email has to do with the future of my Moon Meditations.

Will you help me with this short survey?

My Inquiry: How may I best serve throughout this year of 2018?

I have been doing some deep listening on this.

After careful consideration, I am rethinking of how to continue with my Moon Meditations.

A lot goes into getting these out every 2 weeks and I have new projects & offerings I wish to explore

this year, which will take a great deal more of my time & creative energy.

As someone that has signed up for this offering your input is extremely important to me.

If you could take one minute to answer this short survey it will be extremely helpful.

I appreciate your input!

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(posted on 31 Dec 2017)

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Full Moon Blessings and Happy New Year!

What a magical super full moon line up to start off 2018!

I managed to whip this little baby off this afternoon. In the spirit of this New Year's Eve, I chose to be light and fun with it. My intention was to get this off to you today and as night closes in, I am choosing to save a little time and effort by sharing some insights from AstroNumerologist Tania Gabrielle...

“An astonishing Full Moon “Supermoon” in Cancer starts the New Year off with magical energy.
2018 is an 11 Universal Year and this New Year's Cancer Full Moon happens with the Sun and Moon at 11° – activating the 11:11 portal!
The 11° portal at the onset of an 11 Universal Year symbolizes an irresistible birth of new beginnings.
New Year’s Full Moon happens on January 2 Universal Time – activating number 11/2. 
In the Americas, it is a January 1 “New Year’s Full Moon”, magnifying new beginnings. 
The Moon is at 11° in Cancer, and Sun at 11° Capricorn – activating the 11:11 
Sun and Moon form harmonious triangle to Neptune at 11° Pisces – enhancing your imagination, empathy and infinite supply of opportunities. 
Another gorgeous transit New Year’s alignment – Mars conjunct Jupiter – awakens your positive drive, the ability to make decisions quickly, and a true spirit of Joy.
Mars stimulates excitement about opportunities, Jupiter expands those opportunities into a place where you feel ALL is in your grasp!
What a stunning way to begin 2018 – starting our journey through the 11 Portal with an 11:11 Full Moon activation in Cancer – the sign that the Moon rules!”

and these insights from Natural Rhythms Lisa Michaels....

“The super full moon in Cancer shines a spotlight on areas in your life that need nurturing, tender loving care, and emotional tending. As the Capricorn sun reminds you to structure your goals, craft the year ahead, and handle administrative duties, the Cancer moon reminds you to lovingly nurture all that’s growing in your life.  
The element of Water frequently functions as a mirror, inviting you to notice what your life is reflecting back to you. It reveals what needs tending to in your emotional world. The darker days of winter can give you time to go inside yourself and tend to your emotions. Is there buried grief that needs releasing, joy that needs room to dance and move, or soul expression that needs time to create? This full moon brings a wonderful opportunity to connect with what nurtures you on the deepest levels of your being so you can fill yourself up for the growing cycle ahead.” 

This New Year's Eve is going to be spent in gratitude for my home, my family,  my friends, my creative heart & connections and all that 2017 brought....Looking forward to 2018 with new ventures, explorations and intentions in mind. This leads me to inform you of my uncertainty around the future of my moon meditations. I have been mulling it over for a while and in the next week or so I will be sending out an email with a small survey that I think will help me decide which direction to go. I appreciate your input, so please watch for it.

Until then I hold space tonight for bright blessings to all in 2018. May we remain present in the moment and grounded in all aspects of love while moving into this new 11 (master number) year... a year for illumination, innovation & co-creation. 


(posted on 18 Dec 2017)

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Today's new moon happens (universal time) on this 18th of December is the last new moon of the year.. 18 previews the upcoming  new year 2018 while Sagittarius' arrow points us to towards it.

Sun & Moon at 26 degrees of Sagittarius conjunct with Saturn, all point to the Galactic Center – creating a powerful call to consider one's divine mission

Moon is square with Chiron – calls us into healing, seeking our truth and unconditional self love so we may more easily extend unconditional love & understanding to others.

Sun & Moon trine Uranus planet of the Aqurarian age which is what we are moving into... freedom, independence, liberation 

7 of the 10 planets are in mutable signs, 5 in Sagittarius and 2 in Pisces –  this mutable energy makes way for active, fluent change so there is big message to go with the flow.

6 planets Sun, Moon, Saturn, Venus, Mercury are in Sagittarius & Uranus in Aries, are all in fire signs which is the energy of action & forward momentum

Sagittarius – seeker, truth, wisdom, enthusiastic, excitement, adventure, travel, fun, freedom, ease
Centaur with pointed bow and arrow... directed forward with the power of the horse and intention of the man

This is a potent culmination of energies that invites us to release and heal, granting freedom to carry us forward to embrace our soul's calling.

My attempt to complete my moon meditation yesterday found me in a place of struggle.  Nothing seemed to come to me so I let it go! I did have clarity on the message that I wanted to focus on and during this morning's walk my creativity opened up and all seemed to fit.

There are multiple meanings here and always my intention is for messages to come through that are personal and meaningful to you. For me the tree represents this Christmas season but also the tree of life and holds space for our dreams, visions, intentions & affirmations. I could have detailed the “decorations” but chose to leave them open for you to complete with your own patterns, words and/or symbols.  The tree's overall shape represents Sagittarius' pointed arrow.. directed to the galactic center which is the adornment at the top of the tree. The trunk of the tree is curved in shape which reminds that the path is not usually straight forward. We can have twists and turns along the the river that ebbs and flows. It also represents where we have come from (2017), where we are going (2018)  and the big message....Yes, put in the effort, allow rest to restore and replenish, ease away from strain
or struggle & go with the momentum of the flow...Ride the cosmic wave and remember to have fun along the way!  Sagittarius reminds us to embrace joy in the experience along the way. There is also encoded intentions of abundance on the tree as well.  All the “balls” on the tree were created by tracing coins.  There 40 of the larger circles. 4 represents structure and solid foundation... Change is upon us... let us build on the good will we have intended in our actions and deeds of 2017 and look forward to bringing in more light, love, and goodness to Mother Earth and each and every being.

I send warm wishes of love and joy your way for this holiday season. May you creatively flow into 2018 with enlightened heart, mind and spirit.

In Joy, 

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(posted on 3 Dec 2017)

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An Amazing 11:11:11:11:11 Portal!

*Full Moon in Gemini at 11 degrees
*Sun in Sagittarius at 11 degrees
*Mercury (ruler of Gemini) goes retrograde at 29 degrees Sagittarius 
  - 29 is a critical degree which enhances the influence
  - 29 degrees adds to the number 11
*Neptune is at 11 degrees in exact square to the Sun and Moon at 11 degrees opposite each other
*Jupiter (ruler of the Sun) is at 11 degrees trine to Neptune

WOW! All happening today; in the last month of the year, leading us into 2018 which is an 11 Universal Year!

Number 11 is a very potent spiritual master number.  It represents a gateway where instinct & intent can be used to harness personal power. With all the influences of this alignment the focus is on change and flexibility, realization of what resonates with you and what lights you up and makes your heart sing.. Be free to express & create. Shine your light and focus on how you wish to share it while being true to yourself.
This is dynamic time to feel into your confidence, to step forward and to be adventurous....A very spiritual time as well, so do what connects you to source in a soul filled way. 

My moon meditation shares a giant Gemini glyph sign with 2 ornamental pillars (Gemini is expressive and fun) which represents the 11 gateway... Notice how the Gemini sign is so reflective of the 11 portal gateway! How brilliant is that! 

I combined the sign of Jupiter ( Expansion, Knowledge, Abundance, Gratitude, Good Will representing Our Inherent Gifts) and Neptune (Spirituality, Inspiration, Intuition representing Higher Self) with the archer's hand that pulls the bow and arrow of Sagittarius (Higher Purpose) encased in the portal energy of 11 gateway. All point to a combined symbol of the sun and moon ...floating above the clouds (representing Gemini's air aspect)

Always with intention I create but it is with trust and allowance that I am delightfully surprised how spirit guides my
creative heart into form. In gratitude I joyfully share these moon meditations with you.
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Sending much love and blessings,


(posted on 20 Nov 2017)

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New Moon in Scorpio,

Due to intermittent power outages, heavy workload and multiple committed engagements this week,
my moon meditation is coming to you a couple days late accompanied by a very brief summary.

Scorpio New Moon and Scorpio Sun brings increased intensity to bring what's hidden to light and for
deep transformation to occur.

In my image, Scorpio's watery energy calls to surrender (river flow) into the truth of your heart so it
may be brought into the light.  Gently be held in hands of love holding space for inner healing
and miracles of our full potential (flowers in full bloom, shining light of the rising sun over high mountains) 
Varied florals (expressions of self) flourish around the heart reaching to a Butterfly Mandala floating above
the heart representing transformation.  2 Scorpions represent both Sun and Moon in Scorpio.

Sending out much love and blessings to all,

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(posted on 4 Nov 2017)

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This rich earth/water combination gives way to the power of our creations in both the physical and emotional realms.
There is a beautiful opening available during this Full Moon November 4th timing. Both Taurus and the number 4 are
connected to the earth assisting us to bring our intentions & ideas into form. Scorpio influences us to be in alignment
with our abundance, resourcefulness and ideals.

Taurus –  earth, the physical,  grounded ruled by Venus (planet of love, prosperity)   
beauty, love, sensuality, pleasure and earthly pleasures, romance, abundance, devotion, family, responsibility, values

Scorpio – water, the emotional, ruled by Mars (planet of action and passion) and Pluto (planet of transformation) 
focus, balance, bravery, ambition, intuition, independence, calm, sensuality

The Day - Number 4 is the builder number. .. carries the essence of structure, strength, stability, “salt of the earth”
,conscientiousness, devotion, responsibility

The Month - Number 11 is a master number, the double one... equals 2 … brings balance, union, represents a gate or portal,
rebirth, higher consciousness, divinity

The Year – 2017 = 10 = 1  is the number of beginnings, primal force, instant manifestation 

Other positive astrological influences occurring during this Full Moon:
Sun is conjunct Jupiter – the  planet of abundance, joy, higher consciousness, blessings

Sun is  trine with Neptune & Moon is sextile Neptune – the planet of spiritual connection, mysticism, intuition,
psychic ability, creative energy

Venus, ruling planet of Taurus occurs at the same degree as the Libra New Moon 2 weeks ago – which empowers
the Venus energy that much more.

November's energy is super powerfilled & supportive, holding opportunities for abundance, love and magical
manifestations all beautifully guided by this harmonious Taurus Full Moon gateway. 

I created my Taurus the Bull playfully as “Taurus the Bulldog” fully laden with roses and a blooming heart bursting
with illumination, insights and passion. He stands his ground, strong and steady atop the crest of a hill between a
gate of 2 (11) tall flowers each adorned by 2 leaves (2x2 =4) The dots and bubbles surrounding "Taurus the Bulldog"
are potential and magical possibilities...All that is coming into form are the stars! A heart is positioned at the third eye
for heart centered intuition, guidance and higher consciousness... the horns extend from this awareness tenderly
holding in balance the Taurus symbol high in the cosmos. (mirroring again the portal/gateway)
I had fun with this image. I feel it carries the light, loving energy available to us around this Full Moon.

Extending Joy & Blessings,

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(posted on 19 Oct 2017)

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Libra – Element Air, Ruled by Venus (Goddess of Love)

Favourable opening to bring balance into our relationships, and our life. With Libra exact opposite Uranus (Aries) there is a good chance of unexpected changes to occur so being open to how this new moon time unfolds is beneficial.   Air governs the mental realm therefore let us pay attention to our thoughts, beliefs and intentions at this time and focus on desirable outcomes. This space holds great potential for new beginnings, new insights, new connections & new creations. We are also in the time of the harvest (northern hemisphere) which reminds us to be thankful as much as we can... even if difficult during these trying times. Gratitude is one of the most direct paths to our divine connection ...and state of LOVE. My wish is that all are safe, cared for and loved.

Budding vines leading to the heart carry the spark of creation & the new... ready to bloom. The heart holds the highest vibrational essence of the rose (LOVE) in full bloom (JOY). An open eye hovers above seeing from the state of love where we are open for more balance to what is and what our intentions hold, bringing a sense of power and freedom to how we show up in our life.... the wings spreading out from the heart carry us to our highest potential. Unplanned and interesting that this angel shape presented itself to me.  I hope you enjoy this mediation and is is useful to help realize your best intentions for the month ahead. 

I wish to give my heartfelt thanks to all who support my moon meditations, my art and my offerings.
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Sending blessings your way on this Libra New Moon,



(posted on 6 Oct 2017)


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During any full moon the sun is exactly opposite the moon.
This Full moon is in Aries. The Sun is in Libra
October is a 11 universal month in astrology. 

1st sign of the zodiac (birthing into the new)
ruled by Mars (masculine)
fire sign
action oriented, spontaneous, enthusiastic, courageous, self/individual, life force

ruled by Venus (feminine)
air sign
gentle, harmonious, peaceful, relationships, us, balance.

The number 11 is like a two columns making a gateway or a portal to step through -  2 lines /bars facing each other. (Aries/Mars opposite Libra/ Venus)
11 adds up to the root number 2 which is a number of balance, peacefulness & relationship between 2 - also a feminine number.

Venus and Mars in trine  Pluto _ harmonious energy
Sun and Moon square Pluto – intense energy

Pluto embodies empowerment and transformation, driven by the unconscious, deep emotions.
Cycle of life, death and rebirth... transformation.

Mars and Venus are also conjunct at 19 degrees in Virgo - unified energy. 
Number 1 signifies beginnings and number 9 signifies endings.

So this is a harmonious time of endings and beginnings. Time to let go of obstacles and any fear that is holding you back, get in touch with self, connect with your hearts desires, unify and balance yourself. From here you can courageously step forward into new beginnings... through the portal -(unifying the 2 opposite columns) A blending of the 2... making way for the peace and harmony we desire in all our relationships.

My life figure is steadfast and balanced holding the Aries Moon with confidence and strength above his or her head bursting in enlightenment, heart is full, centered, illuminated...symbolizing the embodiment of complete self empowerment...  the sun opposite the moon all placed between the portal of 2 columns... the space of endings and beginnings, the space of unification and harmony, the space of transformation.

I hope you enjoy working with this moon meditation. I was on a road trip with little access to internet so please forgive my timing. The full moon was exact yesterday but there is always a potent 3 day window around the moon cycles to focus on your intentions.

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Sending Luminous Full Moon Blessings,


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