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(posted on 31 Dec 2017)

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Full Moon Blessings and Happy New Year!

What a magical super full moon line up to start off 2018!

I managed to whip this little baby off this afternoon. In the spirit of this New Year's Eve, I chose to be light and fun with it. My intention was to get this off to you today and as night closes in, I am choosing to save a little time and effort by sharing some insights from AstroNumerologist Tania Gabrielle...

“An astonishing Full Moon “Supermoon” in Cancer starts the New Year off with magical energy.
2018 is an 11 Universal Year and this New Year's Cancer Full Moon happens with the Sun and Moon at 11° – activating the 11:11 portal!
The 11° portal at the onset of an 11 Universal Year symbolizes an irresistible birth of new beginnings.
New Year’s Full Moon happens on January 2 Universal Time – activating number 11/2. 
In the Americas, it is a January 1 “New Year’s Full Moon”, magnifying new beginnings. 
The Moon is at 11° in Cancer, and Sun at 11° Capricorn – activating the 11:11 
Sun and Moon form harmonious triangle to Neptune at 11° Pisces – enhancing your imagination, empathy and infinite supply of opportunities. 
Another gorgeous transit New Year’s alignment – Mars conjunct Jupiter – awakens your positive drive, the ability to make decisions quickly, and a true spirit of Joy.
Mars stimulates excitement about opportunities, Jupiter expands those opportunities into a place where you feel ALL is in your grasp!
What a stunning way to begin 2018 – starting our journey through the 11 Portal with an 11:11 Full Moon activation in Cancer – the sign that the Moon rules!”

and these insights from Natural Rhythms Lisa Michaels....

“The super full moon in Cancer shines a spotlight on areas in your life that need nurturing, tender loving care, and emotional tending. As the Capricorn sun reminds you to structure your goals, craft the year ahead, and handle administrative duties, the Cancer moon reminds you to lovingly nurture all that’s growing in your life.  
The element of Water frequently functions as a mirror, inviting you to notice what your life is reflecting back to you. It reveals what needs tending to in your emotional world. The darker days of winter can give you time to go inside yourself and tend to your emotions. Is there buried grief that needs releasing, joy that needs room to dance and move, or soul expression that needs time to create? This full moon brings a wonderful opportunity to connect with what nurtures you on the deepest levels of your being so you can fill yourself up for the growing cycle ahead.” 

This New Year's Eve is going to be spent in gratitude for my home, my family,  my friends, my creative heart & connections and all that 2017 brought....Looking forward to 2018 with new ventures, explorations and intentions in mind. This leads me to inform you of my uncertainty around the future of my moon meditations. I have been mulling it over for a while and in the next week or so I will be sending out an email with a small survey that I think will help me decide which direction to go. I appreciate your input, so please watch for it.

Until then I hold space tonight for bright blessings to all in 2018. May we remain present in the moment and grounded in all aspects of love while moving into this new 11 (master number) year... a year for illumination, innovation & co-creation.