Sharron Cuthbertson


(posted on 20 Nov 2017)

    Copyright Sharron Cuthbertson 2017 All Rights Reserved


New Moon in Scorpio,

Due to intermittent power outages, heavy workload and multiple committed engagements this week,
my moon meditation is coming to you a couple days late accompanied by a very brief summary.

Scorpio New Moon and Scorpio Sun brings increased intensity to bring what's hidden to light and for
deep transformation to occur.

In my image, Scorpio's watery energy calls to surrender (river flow) into the truth of your heart so it
may be brought into the light.  Gently be held in hands of love holding space for inner healing
and miracles of our full potential (flowers in full bloom, shining light of the rising sun over high mountains) 
Varied florals (expressions of self) flourish around the heart reaching to a Butterfly Mandala floating above
the heart representing transformation.  2 Scorpions represent both Sun and Moon in Scorpio.

Sending out much love and blessings to all,

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