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(posted on 6 Oct 2017)


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During any full moon the sun is exactly opposite the moon.
This Full moon is in Aries. The Sun is in Libra
October is a 11 universal month in astrology. 

1st sign of the zodiac (birthing into the new)
ruled by Mars (masculine)
fire sign
action oriented, spontaneous, enthusiastic, courageous, self/individual, life force

ruled by Venus (feminine)
air sign
gentle, harmonious, peaceful, relationships, us, balance.

The number 11 is like a two columns making a gateway or a portal to step through -  2 lines /bars facing each other. (Aries/Mars opposite Libra/ Venus)
11 adds up to the root number 2 which is a number of balance, peacefulness & relationship between 2 - also a feminine number.

Venus and Mars in trine  Pluto _ harmonious energy
Sun and Moon square Pluto – intense energy

Pluto embodies empowerment and transformation, driven by the unconscious, deep emotions.
Cycle of life, death and rebirth... transformation.

Mars and Venus are also conjunct at 19 degrees in Virgo - unified energy. 
Number 1 signifies beginnings and number 9 signifies endings.

So this is a harmonious time of endings and beginnings. Time to let go of obstacles and any fear that is holding you back, get in touch with self, connect with your hearts desires, unify and balance yourself. From here you can courageously step forward into new beginnings... through the portal -(unifying the 2 opposite columns) A blending of the 2... making way for the peace and harmony we desire in all our relationships.

My life figure is steadfast and balanced holding the Aries Moon with confidence and strength above his or her head bursting in enlightenment, heart is full, centered, illuminated...symbolizing the embodiment of complete self empowerment...  the sun opposite the moon all placed between the portal of 2 columns... the space of endings and beginnings, the space of unification and harmony, the space of transformation.

I hope you enjoy working with this moon meditation. I was on a road trip with little access to internet so please forgive my timing. The full moon was exact yesterday but there is always a potent 3 day window around the moon cycles to focus on your intentions.

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