Sharron Cuthbertson


(posted on 19 Oct 2017)

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Libra – Element Air, Ruled by Venus (Goddess of Love)

Favourable opening to bring balance into our relationships, and our life. With Libra exact opposite Uranus (Aries) there is a good chance of unexpected changes to occur so being open to how this new moon time unfolds is beneficial.   Air governs the mental realm therefore let us pay attention to our thoughts, beliefs and intentions at this time and focus on desirable outcomes. This space holds great potential for new beginnings, new insights, new connections & new creations. We are also in the time of the harvest (northern hemisphere) which reminds us to be thankful as much as we can... even if difficult during these trying times. Gratitude is one of the most direct paths to our divine connection ...and state of LOVE. My wish is that all are safe, cared for and loved.

Budding vines leading to the heart carry the spark of creation & the new... ready to bloom. The heart holds the highest vibrational essence of the rose (LOVE) in full bloom (JOY). An open eye hovers above seeing from the state of love where we are open for more balance to what is and what our intentions hold, bringing a sense of power and freedom to how we show up in our life.... the wings spreading out from the heart carry us to our highest potential. Unplanned and interesting that this angel shape presented itself to me.  I hope you enjoy this mediation and is is useful to help realize your best intentions for the month ahead. 

I wish to give my heartfelt thanks to all who support my moon meditations, my art and my offerings.
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Sending blessings your way on this Libra New Moon,