Sharron Cuthbertson


(posted on 18 Dec 2017)

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Today's new moon happens (universal time) on this 18th of December is the last new moon of the year.. 18 previews the upcoming  new year 2018 while Sagittarius' arrow points us to towards it.

Sun & Moon at 26 degrees of Sagittarius conjunct with Saturn, all point to the Galactic Center – creating a powerful call to consider one's divine mission

Moon is square with Chiron – calls us into healing, seeking our truth and unconditional self love so we may more easily extend unconditional love & understanding to others.

Sun & Moon trine Uranus planet of the Aqurarian age which is what we are moving into... freedom, independence, liberation 

7 of the 10 planets are in mutable signs, 5 in Sagittarius and 2 in Pisces –  this mutable energy makes way for active, fluent change so there is big message to go with the flow.

6 planets Sun, Moon, Saturn, Venus, Mercury are in Sagittarius & Uranus in Aries, are all in fire signs which is the energy of action & forward momentum

Sagittarius – seeker, truth, wisdom, enthusiastic, excitement, adventure, travel, fun, freedom, ease
Centaur with pointed bow and arrow... directed forward with the power of the horse and intention of the man

This is a potent culmination of energies that invites us to release and heal, granting freedom to carry us forward to embrace our soul's calling.

My attempt to complete my moon meditation yesterday found me in a place of struggle.  Nothing seemed to come to me so I let it go! I did have clarity on the message that I wanted to focus on and during this morning's walk my creativity opened up and all seemed to fit.

There are multiple meanings here and always my intention is for messages to come through that are personal and meaningful to you. For me the tree represents this Christmas season but also the tree of life and holds space for our dreams, visions, intentions & affirmations. I could have detailed the “decorations” but chose to leave them open for you to complete with your own patterns, words and/or symbols.  The tree's overall shape represents Sagittarius' pointed arrow.. directed to the galactic center which is the adornment at the top of the tree. The trunk of the tree is curved in shape which reminds that the path is not usually straight forward. We can have twists and turns along the the river that ebbs and flows. It also represents where we have come from (2017), where we are going (2018)  and the big message....Yes, put in the effort, allow rest to restore and replenish, ease away from strain
or struggle & go with the momentum of the flow...Ride the cosmic wave and remember to have fun along the way!  Sagittarius reminds us to embrace joy in the experience along the way. There is also encoded intentions of abundance on the tree as well.  All the “balls” on the tree were created by tracing coins.  There 40 of the larger circles. 4 represents structure and solid foundation... Change is upon us... let us build on the good will we have intended in our actions and deeds of 2017 and look forward to bringing in more light, love, and goodness to Mother Earth and each and every being.

I send warm wishes of love and joy your way for this holiday season. May you creatively flow into 2018 with enlightened heart, mind and spirit.

In Joy, 

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