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(posted on 4 Nov 2017)

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This rich earth/water combination gives way to the power of our creations in both the physical and emotional realms.
There is a beautiful opening available during this Full Moon November 4th timing. Both Taurus and the number 4 are
connected to the earth assisting us to bring our intentions & ideas into form. Scorpio influences us to be in alignment
with our abundance, resourcefulness and ideals.

Taurus –  earth, the physical,  grounded ruled by Venus (planet of love, prosperity)   
beauty, love, sensuality, pleasure and earthly pleasures, romance, abundance, devotion, family, responsibility, values

Scorpio – water, the emotional, ruled by Mars (planet of action and passion) and Pluto (planet of transformation) 
focus, balance, bravery, ambition, intuition, independence, calm, sensuality

The Day - Number 4 is the builder number. .. carries the essence of structure, strength, stability, “salt of the earth”
,conscientiousness, devotion, responsibility

The Month - Number 11 is a master number, the double one... equals 2 … brings balance, union, represents a gate or portal,
rebirth, higher consciousness, divinity

The Year – 2017 = 10 = 1  is the number of beginnings, primal force, instant manifestation 

Other positive astrological influences occurring during this Full Moon:
Sun is conjunct Jupiter – the  planet of abundance, joy, higher consciousness, blessings

Sun is  trine with Neptune & Moon is sextile Neptune – the planet of spiritual connection, mysticism, intuition,
psychic ability, creative energy

Venus, ruling planet of Taurus occurs at the same degree as the Libra New Moon 2 weeks ago – which empowers
the Venus energy that much more.

November's energy is super powerfilled & supportive, holding opportunities for abundance, love and magical
manifestations all beautifully guided by this harmonious Taurus Full Moon gateway. 

I created my Taurus the Bull playfully as “Taurus the Bulldog” fully laden with roses and a blooming heart bursting
with illumination, insights and passion. He stands his ground, strong and steady atop the crest of a hill between a
gate of 2 (11) tall flowers each adorned by 2 leaves (2x2 =4) The dots and bubbles surrounding "Taurus the Bulldog"
are potential and magical possibilities...All that is coming into form are the stars! A heart is positioned at the third eye
for heart centered intuition, guidance and higher consciousness... the horns extend from this awareness tenderly
holding in balance the Taurus symbol high in the cosmos. (mirroring again the portal/gateway)
I had fun with this image. I feel it carries the light, loving energy available to us around this Full Moon.

Extending Joy & Blessings,

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