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(posted on 25 May 2017)

The following excerpt is from Evolving Door Astrology....

Gemini is our primary encounter with the conscious mind.
It is the place where we deal with information in all its forms. It is our awareness and what we notice and perceive.
It is our perceptions and how we make sense of them through our thoughts. It is our thoughts and how we express them through our words and deeds.
And it is how our mind informs and motivates our actions.
Whatever is activating Gemini energy and its planetary ruler, Mercury, tends to be reflected in how we process, interpret and convey information.
A New Moon in Gemini begins a 4-week cycle in which we can explore, understand, expand and possibly alter what we do with information.

This Gemini Super New Moon could put us in a state of mental challenge as we continue to release what needs to go... or we may use it to bring forth magical aspects of Gemini.
My thoughts during this new moon.... Remember to allow the heart to feed the mind and not the other way around. If you get caught up in fear based thoughts, your emotions can follow that lead with anger, worry, resentment, disillusionment..etc. Feed your mind from the space of the heart... from love, kindness, compassion, forgiveness. This will bring in thoughts of love, joy, gratitude etc... which is true connection to source. What you emanate out you will attract.

Be really aware of your thoughts and feelings. If you are feeling sad, mad, upset - it may or may not be apparent to your conscious mind what is causing it but just being aware is key. Here is where a space of allowance occurs to make a shift. With self forgiveness, self love, and inner knowing we can transform our conscious reality. If we truly love ourselves, we find the capacity to accept others as they are. Deep insights and healing can occur on all levels. From the power of the heart, the mind is most powerfilled to create the reality we desire and to open our true self to shine.

Feel free to add your mantras, insights, feelings, thoughts to this moon meditation. As an example I included my own new moon focus. I share what comes to me during these Moon Phases with the intention for you to engage in what is useful and resonates with you. I invite you to tap into your heartspace to seek out your own insights and inner knowing.

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Sending all my heartfilled blessings this new moon,


(posted on 10 May 2017)

Recently, there has been a lot of intense energies coming in and I am sure everyone is being affected in various ways. For me I have been getting back into life at home after a wonderful painting retreat that stretched and nurtured me at the same time. What a joy it was to be in the presence of such an amazing group of talented artists. A week submerged in loving creative energy left me feeling elevated, expanded, appreciated, accepted, and energized. Interestingly I almost cancelled at the last minute being low on funds and also getting into self judgment of my worthiness. Conscious spiritual, physical and mental self care transformed everything beyond my expectations. I let go and things turned around with everything lining up perfectly for what turned out to be one of the best creative experiences I have ever had.

Upon my return I am noticing how tired I am while sleeping much more than usual and feeling a lot of
unusual aches and pains. This is common as I understand with the massive light energies that our bodies are being exposed to at this time and big shifts are happening. Late nights and early mornings were a regular occurrence during the painting retreat as I threw myself into the process.... could be a contributing piece of my symptoms as well. Anyway I am just observing and accepting what is while allowing myself space to trust. May my creative, adventurous heart lead me further into new and exciting adventures!

This Scorpio full moon invites in....

Transformation, Change, Letting Go, Higher Consciousness, Truth

All are inevitable, sooner or later. We can make it harder or easier depending on our own awareness of what shows up and how we are in response. Even if we forget in the moment and “lose” ourselves we can always come back to self through....

Gratitude, Love, Forgiveness, Compassion, Connection

I am grateful for so many things, I love my life, I forgive myself so I may easily forgive others, I care compassionately for animals, truth, creativity, nature, the earth, humanity, my friends and family and I find connection through the heart of it all.

On this full moon in Scorpio I am letting go of this moon mediation as it is... certainly not perfect but well intended. I hope you like it. I am transforming and changing every day. I am learning truths and untruths, re-membering and be-coming.

You can see stages of my progress throughout the Soul Portraits Retreat on facebook at Art of Sha
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Love and Blessings,

(posted on 26 Apr 2017)

Greetings on this Taurus New Moon

I am feelin so blessed to be painting this week with Canadian Visionary Artist Autumn Skye at the Soul Portraits Retreat on Gabriola Island. Her art it is truly amazing and I urge you to check out her work. Because I am immersed in some intensive painting this week, I am posting a very short moon meditation.

This Taurus New Moon is very potent time to manifest your earthy desires... and this retreat is certainly a desire I have had for a very long time. I am here with an open heart and trusting in the process of learning new ways to express my creative heart.
My moon meditation is about shining your light & creating the beauty you want to see in the world with your own magic what ever that may be. Celebrate your uniqueness. There is no one like you!

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In Joy,

(posted on 12 Apr 2017)

Creating Sacred Space...

With the moon in Libra and the sun in Aries, we are feeling the energies of 2 opposing signs.
Libra is about relationships, compromise, fairness, compassion for the other. Aries is about self, purpose, forging ahead, making your own way. “The Scales” of Libra represent balance and with these opposing signs it's not so much a balance between the two but rather a merging to be authentic to self while considering others in our actions.

The prevalent retrograde planets are slowing things down which can be a source of frustration in our busy lives. The current energies can be so paradoxical and I know for myself it is very apparent. I am still feeling the call to action - in the midst of purging my surroundings of what is no longer useful or necessary. Ha! Ha! Just another way to say I am decluttering my home & studio space. Getting rid! Amongst the sorting, organizing, selling, donating, and daily yo yo “life on this planet” happenings, I also find myself busier than ever, making it easy to spin out into overwhelm.
My recent re-dedication to self care through morning yoga and meditation is keeping me centered and aware. Remembering to ground & go within seems to be so key now as well as the reoccurring message of Patience! I am reminded that authentic power comes from within which allows real access to express one's true self openly and intentionally with the affect of greater change.

I have been witnessing my own self judgment around “timelines/deadlines/expectations” (the language is not lost on me). For example I was having challenges getting this moon meditation finalized to send out for whatever reasons. Instead of getting too caught up in the story of being “behind” I chose to trust and surrender that it would come together . This was more useful to my energy of what was occurring. When I go into worry & “try harder” there is resistance. The harder I push, the more resistance is present and as you know the universe serves us what we focus on. When I go into allowance things come together. We are moving into a time of less force, a time of the feminine. I find that the less attached I am, the more grounded I am, the more in allowance I am, the more patient I am... there is a path of least resistance that opens up. I am more in the flow and I am in tune with my true self, the higher self. So during what may seem to be a challenge, being in the divine presence of trust, I am rewarded with a greater sense of ease, grace and flow throughout my day. This shows up in relation to my self and in relation to others. I share this with a message to be gentle with yourself during these intense times. Gift yourself trust, allowance and self love and you may find it changes everything.

This full moon is also named “The Pink Moon” by Native American tribes for the pink wild flowers that bloomed forth during this time in the spring. It carries energy of the new, of birth and is a special time to celebrate our intentions and creations coming forth into being.

In celebration of this spring Libra, Aries energy I am offering my moon meditation as a visioning of what I am in relationship with now to cause and create. A special place to hold ceremony, to learn, to explore, to play & to share. I am manifesting a sacred space to offer my sacred work, to invite, gather & teach. I see and feel it as a yurt. I am bringing it forth. How? I don't really know yet but it is present in my heart and mind and to the universe. How it will unfold is a great mystery. I hold the excitement of a child who is waiting to open a special gift. The “present” may show up differently than I imagine but I am certain it will transpire. How do I know that? I think it is because I am being authentic to myself in what I wish to bring forth in service to not only myself but to others. It is an exchange of energy that is true to my belief in myself and my relationship to the divine.... In joy, in love and in wonder of the creative heart.

I encourage you to use this moon meditation as safe space to envision holding your dreams, intentions and passions... or let it fuel your imagination of what you wish to birth forth during this potent time.

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Love and Blessings!

(posted on 28 Mar 2017)

March New Moon in Aries 2017
Window 26-28

Fire! What a potent time this new moon is!

This 2017 year is all about new beginnings as is the phase of any new moon. Aries is the
first sign of the zodiac and a fire sign which carries the energy of action, new ideas, moving
forward and charting new territory, so now is such a potent time to focus and get clear on
what you wish to bring forward not only in the next month but the year as well.

For some weeks my guidance has led me to focus on the acts of clearing and decluttering
so as to make room for the new. We all carry baggage with us that could be sorted and dealt
with from time to time... emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically. Currently, the area
calling to me is my home environment which is also my work environment. I am choosing to
focus on the physical with a major spring clean. Sorting and letting go of things I no longer
need. Some things I have never used. Some things forgotten or some just ignored for another
day. “Stuff” that has been exactly that... “stuffed” some “where”... some “place”... rarely or
never used for years. As I release & let go of the old, I have feelings of energized lightness &
clarity moving into my awareness. Space opens for the new to come in and not necessarily
more of the “material”. One of my favourite experiences is camping... where I have only the
basics to support me and nature to nurture me. I feel so free. Much like when I draw or paint...
time does not exist - only day or night and I am “found” in the freedom and in the space of it.
Sometimes attending to one area leads us into much greater ease for the other areas to flow...
and so may clarity, lightness and freedom follow into my emotions, thoughts, spirit and further
actions as I move forward!

Today I have no drawing for you - only this image to show what I was up to during this Aries
New Moon. With a break in our rainy west coast weather, I chose to take the opportunity to
do a “burn”. I felt very strongly to use this firey energy to release some of the dead fall and
debris from the land that surrounds and supports our home. We live on terrain that is quite
sloped therefore very physical to rake and gather. Usually I am sore for a couple of days but
this time I am not. I was tired and a bit stiff yesterday but today I am feeling great. I asked
my guides to assist me with the strength to carry out the task as I was working alone. There
was much to gather and burn! Today I am writing, sharing, transforming and experiencing a
little more space. I invite you to take a moment to connect with this Aries New Moon energy
in your own way that it may help you to move forward in ease and grace.

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Love and Blessings!

(posted on 12 Mar 2017)


This Full Moon in Virgo offers a sacred opening to focus on our soul work with intention.
We are all here to express & experience our own individual path yet we share in the
global consciousness that creates the “realities” we experience as a whole.

As part of my path, I am guided to share as best I can a message that has repeatedly
presented itself to me over the past few weeks. As we are awakening to the understanding
of who we really are, embodying it requires us to free ourselves from the matrix that
conditions the mind into fear causing worry, saddness, unstability, dis ease, all limiting
thought patterns that repeat cyclically over and over in the mind. Being aware of this
happening as a conscious observer as it is happening starts to break the patterns. We have
a choice to release ourselves from the false realities being presented to control us.

Empowerment and freedom comes from the deep understanding of who we really are...
spiritual, formless, eternal beings expressing ourselves in time as human form. When we
truly embody this realization we can release ourselves from conditioning and fears, opening
ourselves to a field of great potential and unlimited possibilites that create “new realities”.
This realization is our sacred path to join us in creating the world we want, free of the old
belief systems.

My colouring meditation for this full moon is about our connection of heart, mind, body,
spirit & our relationship to the earth and the higher realms. I am reminded to consciously
allow the heart to guide the mind. Let go and trust the truth of who we are, of who I really
am and express myself freely. Focus choice and action from all aspects of love and conscious
intention. I invite you to write your intentions, dreams and passions onto the page and
express yourself freely!

In joy and honour of your sacred path and gifts to the world, I send you love and blessings.
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(posted on 26 Feb 2017)

New Moon Blessings!
I am now back from a well appreciated break in heart and soul filled with the pleasures of
paradise. Ahhh...deep breath as I remember the beautiful colours, sites and sounds. Feeling blessed.
Today is the new moon in Pisces and there was also a solar eclipse. There are other intense influences
going on as well making this a trying time for some. I am choosing to focus on the possibilities of not
only the month ahead but the year. As always, I recommend checking out Kaypacha's Pele Report for
more insights.
I am excited to announce that in January, after an amazing year of Color of Woman training, I became
a Certified Teacher & Coach of Intentional Creativity. I will be offering classes, playshops and retreats
all to be announced soon. Currently, I am working on a new website and my calendar.

All my moon meditations are my gift to you to bring forth your own intentions and visions for what
you wish to bring forth into your life and the world.
Today I thought I would include some meanings of the images I incorporated in this moon mediation.
When I draw, I go into complete trust and faith as to what will show up.. Often I start with an idea
but with no idea of what will manifest on the page. Spirit guides me and intuitively I bring images
together. Some symbolism I am aware of and some I am not. When I don't know, it always
amazes me when I discover how synchronistic and aligned it is with the aspects of what is going on
collectively and personally. It is confirmation of divine connection happening through my creative heart.

The Elements: Earth, Air, Water Fire & Spirit are symbolically represented
Hand: For me is a spiritual tool bringing my creativity into form.
There are various meanings of the five fingers but I found The Five Fingers of Spiritual Leadership
Channeled by Jonnette Crowley “White Eagle: With your hands raised, radiating outward to the world,
your five fingers of your right hand describe five points of spiritual leadership.”
Thumb: Compassion & Love
Index Finger: Visionary Focus
Middle Finger: Courage, Strength, Empowerment
Ring Finger: Honour, Respect, Trust & Grace
Baby Finger: Leadership, High Ideals, Optimism
Rose Bud: Potential, Ideas, Intentions Coming into form waiting to Bloom
The Vine: Life, Connection, Continuation, Opportunity, Expansion, Fertility
Leaves: Life, Growth, Expansion,
Spiral: Cosmic, Path, Consciousness, Enlightenment, Direction, Universal Pattern, Awareness of the One
Within the Whole, Centering, Going Within, Expanding Out, Connection to the Divine, Creativity
Palm Tree: Victory, Triumph, Peace, Eternal Life
Dolphin: Joy, Playfulness, Friendship, Cooperation, Transcendence, Intelligence, Peace, Harmony, Protection,
Resurrection, Inner Strength, has combined Solar and Lunar Symbolism aligned with Apollo and Aphrodite
Water: Pisces is a water sign, Feminine aspect, Emotion, Flow, Refresh, Renew, Rejuevenate, Cleanse, Clarity,
Stars: Cosmic, Fire, Universe, Light, Unknown, Dreams, Goals
Sun: Source, Energy, Force, Life, Power
Moon: Feminine, My ruling planet, Transition, Intuition, Mystery, Illumination, Fertility, Cycles
Eclipse: Intensifies, Thinning of the Veil, Heightened Potential

So my personal message with this moon mediation is reach for the stars (new unknown territory) with self love and compassion through any challenges that may arise. Honour your emotions with the awareness of your ability to transform any limiting beliefs. Bring more joy and playfulness into each and every day that you create. Shine brightly and passionately. I am heading into uncharted waters! Who knows where it will take me?!!! My intention is to stay in the wonder of it all!

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(posted on 27 Jan 2017)

Greetings and New Moon Blessings,

There is a lot of lower based energy floating around these days and I could go into some of the aspects
of this new moon but I am not going to do that.

I am focusing my energy on the goodness and passions of my heart and I would invite others to do the
same. This space creates great possibility and potential.

It may be difficult to see past all the doom and gloom. Attaching to fear and anger only feeds this energy.
By focusing our love inward we emanate our light out and help transform the lower based energies. We
attract and bring in more of what we want to experience. I am trusting in universal wisdom and doing
what I can to share my own light. Never underestimate the power of love! 2016 was a year of endings...
2017 is the year of beginnings. Let's begin.
I truly honour the brilliance of your own creative heart expressed in your own special way!

Check out the Pele Report with Kaypacha here for astrological insights of this moon cycle & this week.

I hope you enjoy this latest moon meditation. I apologize for missing last moon mediation due to illness.
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(posted on 28 Dec 2016)

Holiday Greetings on this final new moon of 2016!

The year is coming to a close and it is time to start reflecting
on 2016 and looking forward to 2017.

New moons are all about focusing on the upcoming month and
what you want to bring forth. This new moon is in the earth sign
of Capricorn; a sign whose aspects are all about planning, goals,
organizing, efficiency, effect, structure and form. It is a perfect
alignment for manifestation.

I have created a very simple illustration for you today. It is a kind
of navigational wheel for the upcoming new year. My intention is
for you to use it as a guide to look into your thoughts and feelings
of how you wish your life to unfold for 2017.

Write down your focus and intentions for each month around the
wheel. I encourage you to doodle, draw, write and paste images.
Use it as a kind of visioning board for what you wish to manifest
for 2017. Having intention is powerfilled, opening portals to you
of possiblity and potential. We are powerful creators. Remember
to be open to how life shows up for you as we may ask but if we
are rigid in our own thinking around how it will show up it creates
resistance. Try being in the flow with trust and then surrender to
it. We can cause and create our life but being in ease and grace
with how it unfolds is key to the flow. Be in wonder of the "how"
and have fun with it.

All this said, be present to today, to this moment. Take time to
breathe in the good will of this holiday season. Lets us be good
stewards to the earth, to human & animal kind...
To be and make amazing things happen. Be responsible for only
your part of the change...what you are passionate about... in
your own way! Be brave. Be bold. Shine your light!
It will ripple out and be effective in ways you can't imagine.

What's new for me in 2017? I am excited to announce I will be
offering creative classes and retreats. I will have more info in the
new year.

I send out big heartfelt love & blessings to all.
May you experience joy, peace and great adventures in 2017.

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(posted on 21 Dec 2016)

I am sending out Winter Solstice Blessings to you with a new painting I just completed
on this day of the least amount of day light during the year in the northern hemisphere.
It is filled with fire, warmth and illumination for comfort, inspiration and insight for you
to ponder the turning of nature's timings & cycle into the light. I would love to have your
suggestions for a name of this painting... I do have something in mind but I thought it
would be good to get insights from my tribe to decide.

To my moon meditation tribe only, I am offering a draw for 5 of my art cards to those
who go to my facebook fanpage, like and comment with a suggested title for this painting.
I will draw a name from those who participated on Christmas Day and announce it on my
fanpage Art of Sha

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