Sharron Cuthbertson


(posted on 24 Jun 2017)

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Belated Solstice Blessings and New Moon Magic!

Greetings on this last day of the new moon window in Cancer. Welcome to all who recently signed up for my moon meditations!

This is a second super new moon in a row, following last month's on May 25th. Two Super Moons back to back point to potential for great change, new beginnings and transformation. The Summer Solstice falling within days of this super moon, joins the solar and lunar energy, intensifying this aspect of change...both are in the sign of Cancer. The new moon sets the tone for the month so let us bring our intentions into what we wish to bring forth for the next cycle.

Cancer is a water sign and all about our personal self, the unconscious and our emotions. The feminine aspect of Cancer – penetrable, open, receptive, caring, nurturing, comforting, loving, security (as in the home), mother, family, intuitiveness, creation.

The ruling planet of Cancer is the moon making this very strong emotional time for many. Reminders or memories of the past may arise that could bring us into deep emotional responses. Be mindful of the essence of love that Cancer carries and give that love to yourself if any challenge arises. There are other aspects at play but I only want to focus on the power of love. Let us be open to the tenderness of our hearts, the caring and nurturing aspects of "the great mother" and be guided by the love that lies within us.

A personal note: I have 4 planets in the sign of Cancer and I am a Cancer Sun Sign so the moon energy strongly influences me. Sometimes I forget how much when in the midst of “feeling”. This super sensitive little crab is so soft on the inside but sometimes when feeling vulnerable the hard shell may certainly show!

Today during this loving Cancer energy and illumination of Summer Solstice, I send love out to all of you. May this month bring you peace, joy and deep nurturing of your true self, highest self, inner self... This window is a such a beautifully supported portal of possibility to follow your loving inner voice with trust and go for the dreams of your heart. Grow your garden of love and shine your light.

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In Joy!