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(posted on 23 Jul 2017)

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Wow... LEO, LEO, LEO!!!

Welcome this New Moon in Leo with an open heart and you will be on fire! Ha Ha!

There are so many astrological aspects happening right now.. I am going to simplify it. It is all about the POWER! Your own personal POWER that comes from the inner fire of your heart.

Right now the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury and the North Node are all in Leo. The full moon happening on Aug 7 on the Leo/Aquarius axis is a lunar eclipse and there is another new moon in Leo happening Aug 21 which is also the big solar eclipse! On top of all of that we have the Lion's Gate on the Aug 8. Super WOW! Today, the sun and moon are both at 0 degrees of Leo which is the alpha and omega point, the beginning and the end.. the zero point. MAGICAL! There is also a grand trine happening that brings good fortune & abundance in support of your intentions!

Leo – Masculine, Fixed Sign (Stabilizing Effect) The King, The Regal Ruler, Leadership, The Heart... Bold, leading from the Heart while wearing it all out there for everyone to see, honest, trustworthy, loyal, generous, Creative Fire Energy, fun loving.

Sun – The Planet of Self & Ruler of Leo! Masculine Life Force Energy, Center of our Universe, The Bringer of Light, Our Star Light!
The sun gives strength to the other planets. The sun represents our conscious mind. It is the guiding force, it is vitality, it is the light, source of power... our strengths, our attributes.

Moon – Feelings & emotions, unconscious, the inner child, receptivity, imagination.
New moon is the beginning of the lunar cycle and time to put our focus and intentions into what we wish to bring forth for the next month.

Mars – Action, innovation, imagination, implementation, courage, determination

Mercury – Communication, the mind, reasoning, evaluation, learning, skills

North Node – The spiritual development called for in this life, spiritual life lessons – the keys to fulfillment and happiness.

So... now is the time to feel into this energy... step up and step into our power, our mission, our purpose.... boldly with courage and trust. To be the star of our own universe, (our life story), shine our light so brightly, to lead but also remembering we are one star in a cosmos of stars... we are a piece, we are part of the bigger picture... part of the community of stars. Together we can light up the darkness of the night!

Harness your inner POWER, use your gifts creatively, spark your magic, from the heart...speak your truth knowing that that you are fully supported. Leo magic is all around us. This is big, potent creative firey energy... so harness it wisely. If you sit back this energy can show up in an explosive manner, creating drama. Time to be brave and strut your stuff baby! And have fun doing it!

As you can see my moon meditation is all about the Majestic all powerful Lion! My intention is that in colouring the page you will feel into your own power, your unique gifts and talents and get clear on your creative fire for this amazing month ahead.

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From My Creative Heart to Yours,
Brilliant New Moon Blessings and Much Love,